Donations Instead of Presents 2019

This year, once again, we say goodbye to 2019 with a smile and look forward to the next exciting year 2020.


The year was entirely dedicated to changes and further developments, which started with the relocation to the new offices and ended with a release full of innovations. The same is to continue in 2020.

We would like to thank every single employee for their active support and passion.

We are also aware that Docware has a social responsibility in addition to its responsibility for business operations.

From this consciousness Docware would like to renounce giving presents again this year, and support various social institutions at the company location Fürth and at the national level Kinderlachen e.V. with a donation.

Kinderlachen e.V. - Because what is more wonderful than a child's smile?

The association is a relatively young organisation that achieves great things.

Kinderlachen was founded in the year 2000 and since then has taken care of the needs of sick and needy children.

Thanks to various projects, they help children in critical life situations.


 "And in the end, the laughter of the child is the only currency that exists."



Every child its own bed

This aid project is aimed at children living in poverty. About 23 percent of the children in Germany live below the subsistence level. This means that many of them do not even have their own bed. A bed of their own is very important for the development of a child.

Kinderlachen e.V. would like to fight this. They donate the necessary furniture (bed, wardrobe, dresser, desk) to the children affected and thus help their parents.

School materials for refugee children

Another of the many projects of this organization is: "School materials for refugee children".

This campaign is aimed at children who have moved to Germany with their families from abroad and do not speak German yet.

They often don't know what is needed for a successful start to school in Germany. Kinderlachen e.V. in cooperation with the company MAPED/HELIT/PILOTPEN has put together a "starter pack" for the start of school. These "starter packs" receive about 1500 children every year and enjoy pens, markers, erasers, a ruler, staplers, folders and a drinking bottle. This makes it easier for many children to integrate in Germany and to start a new school year.

Moving Children's Fates

Kinderlachen e.V. also takes care of the fates of many families as part of the "Moving Children's Fates" project. Whether it is a serious illness, an accident, personal circumstances, new situations, resulting financial problems, Kinderlachen e.V. tries to support in these cases by caring, therapies, operations, etc.. It depends on the individual case what support and help is given to the affected children.


"If we want true peace in the world, we must start with the children." 

Mahatma Gandhi




Social institutions in Fürth

Fürther Tafel

In Fuerth and its surrounding area live thousands of people (among them many children), with a monthly income that barley provides an optimal nutrition. Even in Germany are many people struggling to get their "daily bread" - even though there are plentiful groceries. Nevertheless, those are too expensive for socially deprived families. It is for this reason that the Fuerther Tafel collects and distributes qualitatively acceptable foods from regional companies to those in need.

Hospizverein Fürth e.V

The Hospizverein Fuerth e.V. puts itself into service of people, who find themselves, due to a disease, in their last phase of life. The institution has over 90 active voluntary workers and over 440 members, who offer their help in coping fears and answering questions who appear at the end of life.

Musikschule Fürth e.V.

The school helps to set the ideal of a "musicschool for everyone" on a firm base. It is the goal to realize the dream of many people to "play music by their own". A dream that should not depend on someone's financial situation, but from the willingness to commit to one's goal within his or hers abilities.

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