Donations Instead of Presents 2018

After a successful year 2018, we have a positive outlook for 2019. This year we would like to thank our employees and customers again for a harmonious and successful cooperation.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success. - Henry Ford

We would like to thank our employees for their performance and are aware that Docware has a social responsibility in addition to the responsibility for the business. Out of this awareness we don't gift presents this year, but support various local and social institutions in Fürth and on a national level the Kinderarmut in Deutschland e.V. with a donation.

Project "Engelbaum" (Angel Tree)

Most of childrens wishes for christmas are quite simple. A doll, a game, something to play with. Nevertheless, for some parents they are impossible to fulfill.
For a variety of reasons, these families were forced into poverty and so were the children. Every year the parents have to look into disappointed children eyes.

Kinderarmut in Deutschland e.V. (Childrens' poverty in Germany) has been fighting against childrens' poverty in Germany for over 28 years . The Engelbaum Projekt takes care of the fact, that not every child is abound in presents. With this project every donation goes to children in need and helps parents to afford christmas presents. These are packed by volunteers and are placed under the Christmas tree.

Be yourself the change you wish for this world. - Mahatma Gandhi

This project inspires us a lot, so this year we want to make sure that even more children get shining eyes at Christmas. Our main goal is, to make sure that children do not lose faith in the good and in our community. Especially not the faith in a Christmas miracle.

Fürther Tafel

In Fuerth and its surrounding area live thousands of people (among them many children), with a monthly income that barley provides an optimal nutrition. Even in Germany are many people struggling to get their "daily bread" - even though there are plentiful groceries. Nevertheless, those are too expensive for socially deprived families. It is for this reason that the Fuerther Tafel collects and distributes qualitatively acceptable foods from regional companies to those in need.

Hospizverein Fürth e.V

The Hospizverein Fuerth e.V. puts itself into service of people, who find themselves, due to a disease, in their last phase of life. The institution has over 90 active voluntary workers and over 440 members, who offer their help in coping fears and answering questions who appear at the end of life.

Musikschule Fürth e.V.

The school helps to set the ideal of a "musicschool for everyone" on a firm base. It is the goal to realize the dream of many people to "play music by their own". A dream that should not depend on someone's financial situation, but from the willingness to commit to one's goal within his or hers abilities.

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