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4 Results of the Spare Parts Business Platform 2018



Back again in beautiful Germany, we brought with us some questions and service-relevant topics from the Spare Parts Business Platform. The teaser theme of the event "Customer Loyalty" was a good introduction to the current challenges of digital change for companies of all sizes.

But often the first hurdle to generate these high-end solutions lies deep inside the organisation. Industry 4.0 makes it more and more important that all data is completely prepared in one place in a structured way and can be retrieved at any time. For its best harmonised in one portal and not in five different systems. This means that companies miss a basis, an "after-sales backbone" which offers security and optimizes the after-sales service in the long term.

We would like to answer the questions that concern the service and give you the opportunity to get to know our spare parts catalogue solution in a video.


Questions concerning the service

Roundtable with Olaf Herrscher, International Sales Manager Docware GmbH

Mr. Herrscher, you have been participating as visitor and moderator in a roundtable at the spare parts business platform. Which topics were of greatest interest to the participants?

Olaf Herrscher:
Due to the fact that many participants came from the service sector, the following questions were of particular importance to them:

  • I have a heterogeneous system landscape and data sources, how do I reconcile everything?
  • How do I get supplier information?
  • How do I manage supplier information?
  • Wie gehe ich mit dem Fachkräftemangel im Service um?
  • How do I deal with the shortage of skilled workers in service? How do I avoid the loss of know-how that lies with individual employees?

Do you have an answer to all these questions and problem statements?

All these issues have a common denominator. Companies are looking for a system that provides service personnel with access to all relevant service documentation. A so-called after-sales backbone, which should also collect information so that knowledge does not just remain in one's head, but is shared. In general, interactive spare parts catalogues support the collection, management and provision of service-relevant data.

We offer you a solution based on our standard software. The beauty of our interactive solution PARTS-PUBLISHER is that it provides the technological data basis for a consistent structured service view. In doing so, it decisively supports the optimisation of the service process and helps to provide information more effective and correspondingly a more efficient handling of service cases.

You might be wondering, how is that possible?

With us you have all data in one system, i. e. you maintain and manage all service relevant information without additional effort. At the same time, you have access to this data anytime and anywhere. You have fewer machine failures, satisfied customers and an effective and efficient service.

To the individual questions. How do you solve the problem, "I have a heterogeneous system landscape and data sources, how do I reconcile everything?"

Olaf Herrscher:

Our spare parts catalogue software PARTS-PUBLISHER enables easy integration into your existing IT environment thanks to its open system architecture and standard interfaces. This allows you to import your technical service documentation at the touch of a button. Including repair, maintenance and operating instructions with intelligent linking of parts list, assemblies and further data. Fully automated if required. At the end you have a system in which you have an overview of all your data.

About supplier information and skills shortage

How do you get and manage supplier information?

Olaf Herrscher:
This is not an unknown problem. Many companies deal with documentation that comes from third parties. Therefore, it depends on the supplier how he provides you with his documentation. A central data organization is of great importance. We enable you to attach the supplier documentation to your own service documentation. In our interactive spare parts catalogue system you can access your and the supplier documentation. This means that you have a consistent storage location in which you can manage the documentation. In the end, you will quickly achieve improved quality and up-to-date spare parts and service documentation/information.

How do I deal with the shortage of skilled workers in service? How do I avoid the loss of know-how that lies with individual employees?

Olaf Herrscher:
The current loss of know-how can be significantly reduced with the help of a spare parts catalogue. If your service technicians use an interactive spare parts catalogue, they can deposit important information that is then visible and retrievable for everyone. If all events are registered in the system, no know-how is lost and everything that exists about the respective machine or part is collected in one place. This means that knowledge does not lie with a single employee and you always have up-to-date data.

Digital Parts Management Solutions

In our presentation you will learn everything you need to know about the use of a spare parts catalog system.

Learn how to use the different applications

  • Create your own spare parts catalogues
  • Publish catalogues with one click
  • Identify spare parts quickly
  • Order spare parts electronically

Help you to optimize your process and what advantages this brings for you and your service! 

Mr. Herrscher will be pleased to answer your questions!

Olaf Herrscher

International Sales Manager
Tel: +49 (0) 911 977 59 61

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