The service update for the PARTS-PUBLISHER authoring environment and publications
is now available in the Internet Support Center.

Get into further innovations in:

  • Authoring Environment
  • Publication Offline
  • Publication Online
  • Enhancement package E-Commerce
Authoring Environment

New in the Authoring Environment:

Improved performance due to initial 2D display

Optimise the performance of your spare parts catalogue by initially displaying 2D graphics. You can now choose whether you want to display assembly drawings in 2D or 3D.

The advantage of 2D initialization is the fast display of the graphics as opposed to 3D images.

Faster finding of parts through multiple linking

So far, a BOM entry had to be entered for each position number. Now more than one position number (separated by comma) can be linked to the position numbers in the drawing.
Parts can be found better and faster, a danger of confusion is excluded.

Ability to convert Lattice XVL data to WebGL

How does it work?

  • Prerequisite: requires the integration of the Lattice Web3D Publisher
  • Perform conversion
  • Display of converted 3D data in WebGL

Your advantage, the display of the 3D representation is now possible in all common browsers.

Publication Online / Offline

New in Publication Online / Offline

Specified part search in the advanced navigation for faster identification 

If the user starts the catalog via the extended navigation and uses the parts search, the search result can contain many hits.

To reduce the number of hits, you can expand the 'Part search' dialog with a selection menu. The user thus restricts the search range. For example, the BOM type is used as the search area. This means that the search takes place in the assemblies that are classified by the selected BOM category.

The configuration also enables language-specific display texts for the selection menu.

Your advantage: Faster matching results are displayed - faster identification - fewer searches - fewer incorrect orders.

Identified spare part in PARTS-PUBLISHER

Optimised update process thanks to update manager

Problems downloading update files are now a thing of the past. The Update Manager now creates small, split download files instead of a large update ZIP file.

If the Internet connection is unstable, the viewer can easily download the update files. If large updates contain errors, the update process can be restarted appropriately.



New in Enhancement E-Commerce

Enable export and import of shopping carts via Excel file format

It is now even easier to export and import shopping carts. By using the Excel format, it is now even easier to import shopping carts into the ERP system.


Better protection of the shopping basket

The shopping cart is now even safer. Security tokens, which can also be adopted by third-party systems, are secure against "cross-site request forgery". In addition, the OCI call can be secured separately. Translated with

Login-Dialog as Popup

If a guest user is configured in the shop, the log-in area can be displayed as a pop-up dialog.

Notification by mail about orders to be released

New in the PARTS-PUBLISHER is the release function. This informs by e-mail about orders still to be released. The process is thus more structured and incorrect orders are avoided.


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