Heinz Werner Hofmeister retires from Docware GmbH after 33 years

After 33 years the former managing director and owner Heinz-Werner Hofmeister leaves Docware GmbH on 30.06.2020. The founder will remain associated with the company in an advisory capacity. Heinz-Werner Hofmeister justifies this withdrawal from the management at his own request with private reasons. As of July 1st, 2020 Robert Schäfer will continue the management of Docware GmbH and TID Informatik GmbH closely connected to each other.


"From the 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur, which was peppered with many challenges, the company Docware has emerged, especially through the trust of the people who accompanied me - customers, partners, employees -, and has successfully established itself as a provider of spare parts catalogues and service information systems.

Today I know that the basis for success is motivated employees and colleagues who pull together, who can actively contribute their strengths and ideas. Coupled with a lot of work, constructive solution finding, planned, customer-oriented action and a goal in mind, a company then comes into being "almost by itself"

Many thanks to all those who have gone with me along the path we took many years ago. The achievements would not have been possible without you.

The merger with TID, Docware's long-standing market companion, offers great potential for the future. The teams are highly motivated and eager to set the course for this. Therefore I can let go with a light heart, because the company Docware is in good hands.

I wish all those who are going to go the future way together, you, your families and relatives the best of health and all the best for the future"

Heinz-Werner Hofmeister, former managing director

A glimpse into the past

Heinz-Werner Hofmeister founded the Docware GmbH in Fürth in 1987 together with Jürgen Deifel (who left the company in January 2020).

The beginnings of Docware started as reseller, training provider and software developer in the Interleaf environment. Since the beginning of the 1990s, development has focused on the document management system DMS. With this, Docware generated a customer base of 50 customers under the leadership of Heinz-Werner Hofmeister.

With the turn of the millennium, a change in strategy followed. The gap in the market for electronic spare parts catalogues was recognised and tackled. This made Docware the first supplier of a powerful standard product "out of the box".

Driven by trends, the developmental power of Heinz-Werner Hofmeister never stopped. The market was enriched by many extensions, such as the first mobile versions, characterized by a modern look and for better usability especially on mobile devices. The offer of a pure spare parts catalogue was extended to an interactive service information system, which is used by over 400 customers today. Docware is internationally known due to its successful expansion abroad.

The growing development and sales activities have encouraged a steady growth in the number of employees, which after 33 years and two changes of location amounts to almost 70 employees. Mr. Hofmeister and his activities as managing director have always been highly trusted, which is reflected in the success of Docware GmbH.

Milestone 2020

Since the beginning of the year 2020, Heinz-Werner Hofmeister accompanied the merger with TID Informatik GmbH under the Schema Group.

"The decision to integrate Docware into the SCHEMA group not only solves the succession issues, but also offers excellent future prospects for our customers and our employees," said Werner Hofmeister, founder and former managing director of Docware GmbH, happily.

 "Under the umbrella of the SCHEMA Group, Docware - together with TID Informatik - gains a strong market presence, which is not only more attractive for decision makers, but also includes a broader product portfolio for customers. In the future, all developments will be available to customers of TID Informatik and Docware cross-company. From now on customers will get the "best of" solution from both products for their individual requirements. I am convinced that this merger will generate great growth potential for the future".

We say thank you

Docware managing director Robert Schäfer attests Heinz-Werner Hofmeister "first-class work". He has managed to "manage the necessary change processes with prudence and a lot of tact and sensitivity".

On behalf of the shareholders, the advisory board, the management and the employees, Robert Schäfer wishes Heinz-Werner Hofmeister much success on his further way. He thanks him for his merits, his commitment and his trust in the team over the last three decades. Without him, the company would not have been able to develop so positively.

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