tcworld conference 2020 - digital only

Virtually into the future is the motto of this year’s tcworld canference 2020. As the name suggests, this major event for interested parties, experts and service providers from the fields of software production and technical documentation etc., will take place online. Since this year’s corona pandemic and the corresponding restrictions and uncertain developments, we, as long-standing visitors to tekom, are pleased that the event is not cancelled without replacement, but will take place virtually. However, not only the online format is extraordinary and new, but also the programme concept.



German & english presentations via live stream will be available during the 5 days of the event from November 2 – 6. Communication and interaction will also be ensured in the virtual world, through chats, meetups and an event app.

Enjoy the many advantages of the virtual event. Switch between the tcworld conference and tekom fair with just one mouse click and connect online with specialists from the technical communication and service sectors. One advantage of the digitalised tekom, because of the recordings you will never miss a presentation. The popular format of the tool presentations will also be available.

Docware and TID

There is news from Docware, TID and SCHEMA!
Be there at the first joint appearance of Docware, TID and SCHEMA within the Quanos Group – whether online from the office, home office or living room. We are happy that the online version of the tekom tcworld conference gives us the chance to reach even more people around the world. Be there when TID and Docware present exciting news of the past and following months as part of the Quanos group. The buzzwords “Digital Information Twin”, VR/AR”, “AI Search” promise innovative product developments.

Stay tuned for news from the Quanos Group.

Program & Registration – Get your early bird discount now!

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All the latest information & the programme for the tcworld conference 2020 can be found on the website of the organizer.

Further information on the tool presentations of the Quanos Group will follow shortly.

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